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Felt My Age…

I have mentioned over and over (and over) that I’ve turned 30. For the first time in my life, I have an experience that made me “feel my age.”

I was in the gym in the basement of my office building (it’s just a little office gym, it’s not like I work above a Planet Fitness or anything), and after 6:30 pm I am almost always the only person there. Personally, I enjoy that because I can just do my own thing and not feel judged. So there I am, alone, having a terrible run and sweating up a storm. At 7 pm, in waltzes this (as Michael Jackson would put it:) “Pretty Young Thing.” She’s probably early 20s, blond (perfect hair!), and tan (in New England in November!). She’s fit and sporting a tank top that ends above her belly button and has “Everlast” written on her perky chest. It seemed like irony to me.

Can you hear my inner voice beating myself up? I often consider myself to be pretty accurately described by my hair color: mousy brown. So, I’m trudging along on my treadmill, with my Irish up (I’m bright red in the face) and my flabby, white knees are running next to her perfect knees. Seriously, the girl could have been a model except that she was only about 5’5”.

Here I am feeling bad about myself when I realize that she’s running the same (slow) pace as I am… in fact, I might have been going a bit faster. She ran 1 mile total and got off the treadmill, I hit my 5th mile. She hops down, does about 25 sit ups and lifts weights for about 5 minutes and then she saunters back out of the gym. She was maybe in there for a total of 30 minutes, maybe. I was still running when she left.

Reality check for me: she was young and looking good, but at least my workout was longer than hers and I was kicking my workout’s butt! (Even though I was tired and feeling weak.)

It made me feel a bit better about me.


And in case you want to groove out to PYT:

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  1. Rock on! I recently felt old when I realized that people who I consider to be “adults” are being born in the 90’s. PS- picture of kitten looking in the mirror=AWESOME.

    • I have been trying to comment on your blog and it won’t let me! I also tried to post a few days ago with something like “your last post was 2 months ago, I look forward to the next one :-)” but the next one arrived! I’m very excited! And I feel bad because I’m a bad friend. I never knew about your relationship with food (specifically the not wanting to eat out with friends).

      I’m psyched that you’re considering the Couch to 5k. It’s a nice plan. I keep reading about how one should run with friends… but I have no friends who run. And I think the only person I could convince to try it would be you and you live too far away! 😦 Maybe we’ll be running partners in a few years.

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