Reasons to get out of bed…

Total Meltdown

On this blog, I try to be upbeat and positive about being busy. I’m generally like that in real life as well. However, this weekend, I had a total meltdown.

Ok, maybe it wasn’t that bad. I didn’t sob. But I felt so down on myself. I was feeling overloaded and I may have cried a little. Here’s why it’s funny to me and why I thought I would share it with you:

  1. I recently had a friend (specifically the Super Mom who I talk about in my first ever post) ask me if I had extra hours in the day. She’s amazed by how much I seem to get done! It was so funny to hear that from the woman I think that about!
  2.  My boyfriend and I celebrated a bunch of birthdays with some friends of his (there are 4 of us with birthdays within the same 2 weeks). It was a bunch of fun, I’m a huge fan of these silly guys. And I don’t remember why or what about, but at one point on Saturday night, I thought “wow, I don’t know how some people find the time to do all of these cool things.” I wasn’t thinking about how busy I am. I actually started thinking of myself as lazy; someone who never leaves the house or does anything.

I’m not always good at giving myself a reality check. Especially because I was having this thought while I was OUT OF THE HOUSE!

Sunday was then consumed by work. My 9-5 Monday through Friday job is at a technology magazine company. One of the big things is a Holiday Gift Guide every year. It’s technically put together by only one editor, but with over 200 reviews to write, he taps some of his favorite people from around the building to help test products and write reviews (outside of work because we need to do our day jobs). I like to joke that I’m one of Santa’s elves. This year, I foolishly bit off more than I could chew and promised to review 22 items. I was already going to be a week late on Monday and I failed to test 6 products… and I started to cry about it.

Here’s the thing, two of my biggest motivating factors are that I hate to let people down and I hate to go back on my word.

Luckily for me, I have an awesome boyfriend who put life in perspective. I failed to test 6 items, but I had written up 16. That was 16 products that “Santa” (please note, this editor is nothing like Santa except that he’s really nice and his office is like Santa’s workshop filled with tech toys for adults) didn’t have to write them up. Plus, I was going to keep working on it (even if it would take another weekend) and I wouldn’t let him down. So I sucked it up and stopped the crying.

It also helped that said awesome editor is awesome and wasn’t mad at all. He said he’ll be mad if I don’t have them in by the end of next week! It really helped when he started reading my reviews and was pleased with them. Especially when he was sending over e-mails with subject lines like “best line ever” and the body of the e-mail was a quote from one of my reviews. 🙂

Sometimes I really need to keep life in perspective.



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