Reasons to get out of bed…

“Like a Runner”

For my birthday, my boyfriend bought me this book (that was recommended to me by a coworker):

I’m absolutely loving it! I’ll be posting bits and pieces to share, and here’s the first bit. This specifically makes me think of my friend, Elizabeth, who posted about a race here. In that post, she says this about herself:

I showed up to the race about 15 minutes early and found that there were a lot of twiggy little women, buff men, and super athletic children in their expensive running gear ready to take on the course.  I’m very proud of the weight I’ve lost, so please don’t think I’m calling myself fat, but at a size 10 I was easily one of the largest women there.  Definitely the largest woman in my age group.  From that point, I adjusted my expectations to NOT finishing last.

Spoiler alert: she won the race for her age category! (Way to go!!!)

I then read the following passage in the book (in a chapter about having a positive body image) and it made me think of her (but I thought I would share it publicly, in case it helps anyone else too):

Runners Come In All Shapes and Sizes
       Next time you’re in a race, look around you. You’ll see thin women, heavy women, tall and muscular women, women with narrow hips, women with big hips…  The swiftest are not always the skinniest. Running performance depends on many factors: training, genetics, fueling, strength, and mental toughness.

It’s not about looking “like a runner” it’s about training like one! And Beth, my dear, you have absolutely done that! You have been running for years now. Plus you’re strong and have the mental toughness! (I don’t know about the genetics or fueling though). You trained for that race and you deserved to win it! I’m so proud of you!

I think as women, we’re the first one to cut ourselves down, and that’s why we need friends – to remind us how good we are! So to Beth, and anyone else reading this: give yourself a little credit!


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  1. As for genetics, I have an uncle who still holds many track and field records in the state of Pennsylvania, his county, and his high school. His oldest daughter, my cousin, holds several records at her high school. But they are WAY faster than me, so I think genetics kind of failed me!

    Thank you so much for your sweet support!

  2. […] know why I do it anyway” Bah! I used to do it because it was fun and it felt good. The book I’m reading put it perfectly into words for me in a chapter about treadmills though. I […]

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