Reasons to get out of bed…

I ache today!

I hadn’t run all week, so I finally got around to it yesterday and it was pathetic.

It’s been a really busy week. Last weekend, I had tons of homework and didn’t leave the house much (read: I never made it to the grocery store). Monday was class. Tuesday I had to go see a 3 hour play for class (and it wasn’t a ton of fun or energizing). Wednesday I was lame and did nothing. So by Thursday, I had to go running! I couldn’t even run 5k without stopping! Why was I so weak?

I’m going to blame poor nutrition (and a lack of sleep, I’ve had insomnia all week).

These are some of my favorite foods that I think really help with the running:

I love all of the flavors, but if I had to pick, honey would by my favorite

Have you tried these? Little snack packs of guacamole! Love them! Especially with carrots.


I had none of those this week because I didn’t make it to the store. Instead I may have called this dinner at least twice this week:

It's the "fun sized" though, left over because we only got two "trick or treaters"


Only one, not the whole jar


Of course, these “dinners” happened on Monday and Tuesday when I was lazy and my boyfriend was already asleep. He doesn’t let me get away with that. Even though I have tried to convince him in the past that the candy is a balance of protein, fat, and carbs. And the popcorn and pickle are basically just corn and a cucumber… thus I’m having some sides of veggies. He calls foul. I was lazy and tired though (and who really wants to cook dinner at 10 pm?). And thus, my run was a struggle.

On top of the run being a rough, today my muscles are screaming every time I MOVE! I haven’t felt this way since July!

I’ll go to the store tonight and have a better run this weekend, I hope!


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