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Farewell to a Decade

Well, I have moved into my 30s now. I always try to look at the bright side of things… so here is my attempt at not feeling old.

Farewell to a decade that I loved. During my twenties, a lot of good things happened:

  • I met the love of my life (and we moved in together)
  • I graduated college
  • I figured out “what I wanted to be when I grew up” and started grad school
  • I’ve held 5 jobs
  • I’ve had lots of fun with a community theater
  • I’ve met many wonderful people
  • I’ve seen many of friends get married
  • I’ve seen many of my friends have babies
  • I went through the strongest hurricane on recorded history (at the time, I don’t know if that changed)
  • I’ve lived in another state (although not very far away)
  • I’ve lived in another country (although not for very long)
  • I ran my first 5k 
  • I’ve seen a lot of professional theater

I have visited:

  • Washington, DC
  • Los Angeles (x2)
  • Chicago
  • Southbeach, FL  (x2)
  • Orlando, FL
  • England (x2)
  • Scotland
  • Belgium
  • the Netherlands
  • Germany
  • France
  • Mexico

I expect my 30s will also be a lot of fun. I already know that:

  • I’ll be attending at least 2 weddings.
  • I’ve already got some theater tickets (granted they’re at my school)
  • At least one friend will be having a baby (in two months!) and I’m sure a few more will as well
  • I’ve got a few destinations already picked out for the next few vacations
  • I expect to graduate grad school and start a PhD program
  • I’m already set to run another 5k and I want to run a 9k and a 10k this year

My 30s will be great, right? They’ll be fun and I can still be fit!

What was your favorite decade of life?


Comments on: "Farewell to a Decade" (8)

  1. Each decade of my life gets better! I’m wrapping up my 3rd decade and look forward to what the next one brings.

    I’m impressed that you can summarize your last 10 years so well. It would take me ages to remember all that I did. 🙂

  2. I am nearing the end of my fourth decade but I can’t really select a favorite decade. They have all been unique and fun. Nice summary of your 20’s.

  3. Plan to run the Boilermaker Road Race with my family and I in your 30s. It ends at the Saranac Brewery with a lot of free beer.

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