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I Did It!

My first 5k is behind me! I’m really proud to say that I acheived all of my goals! I finished! I ran the whole time! And my net time was 32:03 (If I had known I was that close, I would have pushed a little harder at the end to be under 32 minutes).

About 15 seconds into the race, I absolutely knew that I had chosen the right race to start with. The start line was 2 buildings before a curve in the road, and once I made it around that corner, the “Shipping Up to Boston” playing on my iPod was drowned out by the “Shipping Up to Boston” blasting on the race’s speaker system! Oh yeah, that’s a way to start!

Speaking of music, I learned a lesson. I front loaded all of my favorite motivational songs, and while the songs were still fun, they weren’t in the place I needed them. The first mile/mile and a half didn’t need them, the last mile did! I did, however, do a  good job of placement of loved ones for motivation. My two biggest supporters (my mom and my boyfriend) were placed a little after the one mile mark. Then, after I passed them, they walked back down that mile to the finish line (the race was a loop, so the start and finish lines were a few feet apart) to cheer me on at the 3 mile mark. It was great!

Second lesson: I need to learn how to drink water out of a cup while running… it’s very different from drinking out of a water bottle… I don’t get water all over my face with the bottle.

Finally, I did pretty well not comparing myself to the other runners… with one exception. There was one woman, around the 2.75 mile mark who hurt my feelings a little when she ran past me pushing a 3-baby baby carriage. She and her 3 children (and the weight from the carriage) went gliding right on past me! I told this story to my two biggest supporters. They both laughed. Later, when looking through the photos that my wonderful boyfriend took though, there she is!

I'm in the magenta shirt with the yellow writing, smiling.

He says it’s proof of my story. I say it’s proof she passed me twice (this was taken at the one mile mark).

Here are my overall stats:

  • Finish time (in relation to the starting gun): 33:39 
  • Finish time (in relation to when I crossed the starting line): 32:03
  • I came in 1282 place out of 1808 finishers (note: not last!)
  • I came in 141 place in my age category out of 179 finishers
  • I ran a 10:41 pace
  • I finished proud of myself! (albiet a little tired and thirsty) 

    A little passed the finish line (and off to the side). Trying to celebrate, but also trying to drink water.

Comments on: "I Did It!" (13)

  1. Great job!! I take that back…AWESOME job!!

  2. Fantastic job in your first 5K. Reading your post reminded me of how I felt in my first 5K. Yep, I was also passed by someone pushing a baby buggy!

  3. Good luck with the water cup. I’ve ever mastered that.

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