Reasons to get out of bed…

Feeling faster!

My first 5k is in 2 days! I’m really excited. I think I did a good job with workouts this week and I’m feeling ready for Sunday morning!

Because it’s dark by the time I get out of work now, I’ve been using the gym in my office building after work. First perk, it’s in my building (so it’s harder to tell myself that I won’t go). Second perk, most times, I’m there by myself. There are three treadmills. One of one type and two of another. I’ve managed to try all three at this point and finally found my favorite. I’ve already talked about that lone type and why I didn’t like that one. I like the type of the duplicate machine, but one of them is directly under the air vent, and thus receiving lots of cool air! I’ll probably hate that one once they turn on the heat, but the breeze right now is nice!

I’m totally psyched. Last night’s workout was probably my best yet (for speed)! I ran 4 miles straight (no breaks and no slowing down) and they were my fasted miles yet. All 4 were 10 minute miles (I ran a 5th mile, but that one was slower). Now, I know this may seem slow to many (in fact, my co-worker who ran the Boston marathon did all 26 of those miles in less than 10 minutes, each), but that’s ok. It’s still my personal best and I’m still proud of it!

Normally when running, my first mile is the fastest, my second is the slowest, and the third comes in the middle (and I stop comparing after that). But I made a very conscious effort to stay consistent last night. I know that I’ll probably run slower this weekend (it’s outdoors AND I don’t want to make a fool of myself by running too fast in the beginning and then having to walk). My goal time is 35 minutes. According to last year’s posted results, that would put me in the back of the pack (and almost last), but I’m OK with that! At least I’m out there.

I found this quote a few weeks ago, and I absolutely love it!

Here’s to hoping Sunday goes well!

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