Reasons to get out of bed…

Ready to Pay?

My 30th birthday is exactly 2 weeks away.

For my entire life (and before that, I imagine), Dr. Daddy has had a saying “You spend the first 30 years of your life beating your body up and you spend the next 30 paying for it.” (to all of the people who like to ask, what happens after you’re 60? I would imagine that you start paying on credit.) 

So by that logic, I have 2 more weeks to beat up my body before I have to start paying for it. I feel like I should go bungee jumping… or something equally nutty. But I just don’t have the drive for adrenaline… or maybe it’s just a mild fear of heights… or I have a really bad back and couldn’t bungee jump if I wanted to.

Maybe I shouldn’t be so hard on myself. Afterall, I did recently go white water rafting and I’m about to run my first 5 k. I’d guess that I’m in best shape of my life right now (I’m not the thinnest… but my heart is doing pretty well with the running, I would imagine) Or maybe I don’t want to do anything too crazy because I can already start to feel the body falling apart…

That's me in the corner (but I'm not losing my religion...)

What do you think? Also have you ever done anything a little crazy to celebrate aging (a birthday)? 

Comments on: "Ready to Pay?" (5)

  1. Stacy Tuegel said:

    If we don’t start paying for the treatment of our bodies till we’re 30, I am so not looking forward to next year.

    I’m glad you’re blogging again, I really enjoy reading these.

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