Reasons to get out of bed…

No longer MIA

I’ve been feeling like a 5-year-old on the tea cups ride: like I know I should be having fun, but I feel completely out of control.

For example, since my last post I’ve: gone to a baby shower, celebrated an engagement, gone white water rafting (and had a little “get away” to Maine… but was with a lot of other people, so it wasn’t exactly relaxing), seen one of my favorite comics perform live, seen lots of friends, and went on a duck tour with work. Fun! But all that also kept me very busy, especially when added to a completely daunting amount of homework and working both jobs. Honestly, I have no idea what has been motivating me to get out of bed everyday, just a “must keep going” attitude, I guess.

Luckily for me, unlike a 5-year-old on the tea cups ride, I didn’t have to lose my lunch to get off. Things are starting to calm down and I’m so thankful for that. In fact, things were so quiet this weekend, I got to put up my Halloween decorations! I have to admit, my jack-o-lantern valances really make me smile every time I see them (and when the sun comes through them in the morning and turns the entire room orange).

From outside

Some (but not all) of the Halloween decorations I've put out. (I really miss having electrical sockets outside)

On a side note, my first ever 5k is this Sunday! I’m super excited! I’m so excited that I went out and bought new clothes. Typically, I run in whatever old t-shirt I have lying around. That usually means I’m running in a t-shirt that I got for free somewhere along my life (such as my college radio station, t-shirts for being a senior in both high school and college, a tie-dye shirt made in high school chemistry, etc). Besides that chemistry one, the rest are primarily white. I want my loved ones, who will be standing on the sidelines rooting me on, to be able to see me coming… and a white shirt won’t help. So I went out to buy myself a brightly colored shirt! I ended up buying 3 shirts, a sports bra, a pair of shorts, socks, and band aids (for my toes)… I’m pretty excited for this race. I still haven’t decided which shirt I’m going to wear on race day though. Which do you think I should wear?

I’m so excited for this race that I ended up spraining my foot somewhere along the way (I don’t even remember where/how). Specifically, I sprained the muscle that pulls the big toe up. Awesome! Dr. Daddy told me that I should avoid high impact activities (running) until it feels better. No can do! Maybe I won’t train every day this week, but I’ve got to get SOME running in. I’m too nervous not to. Although, my run on Saturday was pretty lame because it hurt and I didn’t even go out on Sunday (another reason for the Halloween decorations).

It’s going to be a high energy week!


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