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Not Motivation Related… At All!

This has nothing to do with motivation… but a coworker sent it to me and I wanted to share.

I love Halloween and pretty much anything Halloween related!

The comment in orange is from me, the rest was sent to me.



How I Celebrated

Ok, I’m pretty sure that this will be my final post about my birthday. I’ll move on, I promise. But I thought I would share with you how I celebrated.

First, I didn’t really have a 30th birthday party… instead I had a celebration to say goodbye to my 20s. Picture an Irish funeral… but for a decade of life…

So I went out and felt young and silly… at a Rocky Horror Show (the play version).

On my actual birthday, my awesome boyfriend created this for me:

That’s right! Cats in hats! (officially a little family party)

I swear, the cats looked a little happier than this before they were blinded by the flash. And in case you can’t see, there are little paw prints on those little party hats (and on Tav’s).

All in all, I had a great time!

And now, to prep for Halloween!


Farewell to a Decade

Well, I have moved into my 30s now. I always try to look at the bright side of things… so here is my attempt at not feeling old.

Farewell to a decade that I loved. During my twenties, a lot of good things happened:

  • I met the love of my life (and we moved in together)
  • I graduated college
  • I figured out “what I wanted to be when I grew up” and started grad school
  • I’ve held 5 jobs
  • I’ve had lots of fun with a community theater
  • I’ve met many wonderful people
  • I’ve seen many of friends get married
  • I’ve seen many of my friends have babies
  • I went through the strongest hurricane on recorded history (at the time, I don’t know if that changed)
  • I’ve lived in another state (although not very far away)
  • I’ve lived in another country (although not for very long)
  • I ran my first 5k 
  • I’ve seen a lot of professional theater

I have visited:

  • Washington, DC
  • Los Angeles (x2)
  • Chicago
  • Southbeach, FL  (x2)
  • Orlando, FL
  • England (x2)
  • Scotland
  • Belgium
  • the Netherlands
  • Germany
  • France
  • Mexico

I expect my 30s will also be a lot of fun. I already know that:

  • I’ll be attending at least 2 weddings.
  • I’ve already got some theater tickets (granted they’re at my school)
  • At least one friend will be having a baby (in two months!) and I’m sure a few more will as well
  • I’ve got a few destinations already picked out for the next few vacations
  • I expect to graduate grad school and start a PhD program
  • I’m already set to run another 5k and I want to run a 9k and a 10k this year

My 30s will be great, right? They’ll be fun and I can still be fit!

What was your favorite decade of life?

Go Around Again!

On (that blog I mentioned here), someone said it is best to sign up for another race right after completing your first, otherwise you might lose momentum and never run another race. So that’s what I’ve done!

At 9 am on Thanksgiving morning (I don’t eat turkey anyway so it’s not a big deal to me) I will be running:

I’m excited and nervous for this one as well.

Nervous because it will be cold, early in the morning, and I think this one has elevation. Also, I don’t think anyone will be out there cheering me on like the first one. Tavis says he will, but I feel like that’s a little cruel on my part to ask someone to stand out in the cold early in the morning on a holiday.

I’m excited because it’s another 5k, but also because of the cause. One of my longtime friends (since high school) was diagnosed with MS this year. She writes a great blog about it and I invite you to check it out. Additionally, I have 2 cousins and a great aunt who have (had – the great aunt has passed) MS. Plus, I understand having lousy neuro issues as stated here and here. Although my issues are child’s play compared to MS and that’s why I’m excited to support this. Did I ever mention that I got the results back from my MRI and I don’t have a brain tumor? Well, it’s true!

If you’d like to donate to my run, please check out my page here.

Sorry for the million and a half links in this one!

I Did It!

My first 5k is behind me! I’m really proud to say that I acheived all of my goals! I finished! I ran the whole time! And my net time was 32:03 (If I had known I was that close, I would have pushed a little harder at the end to be under 32 minutes).

About 15 seconds into the race, I absolutely knew that I had chosen the right race to start with. The start line was 2 buildings before a curve in the road, and once I made it around that corner, the “Shipping Up to Boston” playing on my iPod was drowned out by the “Shipping Up to Boston” blasting on the race’s speaker system! Oh yeah, that’s a way to start!

Speaking of music, I learned a lesson. I front loaded all of my favorite motivational songs, and while the songs were still fun, they weren’t in the place I needed them. The first mile/mile and a half didn’t need them, the last mile did! I did, however, do a  good job of placement of loved ones for motivation. My two biggest supporters (my mom and my boyfriend) were placed a little after the one mile mark. Then, after I passed them, they walked back down that mile to the finish line (the race was a loop, so the start and finish lines were a few feet apart) to cheer me on at the 3 mile mark. It was great!

Second lesson: I need to learn how to drink water out of a cup while running… it’s very different from drinking out of a water bottle… I don’t get water all over my face with the bottle.

Finally, I did pretty well not comparing myself to the other runners… with one exception. There was one woman, around the 2.75 mile mark who hurt my feelings a little when she ran past me pushing a 3-baby baby carriage. She and her 3 children (and the weight from the carriage) went gliding right on past me! I told this story to my two biggest supporters. They both laughed. Later, when looking through the photos that my wonderful boyfriend took though, there she is!

I'm in the magenta shirt with the yellow writing, smiling.

He says it’s proof of my story. I say it’s proof she passed me twice (this was taken at the one mile mark).

Here are my overall stats:

  • Finish time (in relation to the starting gun): 33:39 
  • Finish time (in relation to when I crossed the starting line): 32:03
  • I came in 1282 place out of 1808 finishers (note: not last!)
  • I came in 141 place in my age category out of 179 finishers
  • I ran a 10:41 pace
  • I finished proud of myself! (albiet a little tired and thirsty) 

    A little passed the finish line (and off to the side). Trying to celebrate, but also trying to drink water.

Restless Leg Syndrome…

That blog that I mentioned was right! I completely can’t sleep.

This is stupid! First of all, this run is shorter than my typical run. It’s 3.1 miles, I usually run 5. Second, nothing really bad can happen. The worst thing is that I have to walk for some of it. BIG DEAL!!! Why am I so worried that I can’t sleep? I don’t know.

Ok… maybe I have an idea. This is the first time that I’ll be running with people… and according to the race website, I’ll be racing with over 1,6oo people. I’m so used to running alone. Ugh!!! I already hate crowds! Now I’ll be surrounded by a huge crowd of people who know I’m not good at this.

I can do this… I can do this… I can do this…


Racing with this Journey!

My first race ever is tomorrow! I’m getting jittery/nervous/excited. I read on another running blog/chat board that I should have made every effort to sleep well last night because I’ll probably be too excited to get much sleep tonight. I have a feeling that’s true. Unfortunately, I didn’t mention that to my lovely boyfriend, and he woke me up this morning to tell me he was going out golfing… and I couldn’t fall back asleep. Bummer. So life goes though.

I found this quote and I love it:

I’m really going to repeat this to myself a lot tomorrow. On that other blog, someone was suggesting not to compare yourself to anyone else running because you don’t know what their training schedule is like. When that 70-year-old woman passes you, don’t freak out, she may have been running since she was 13 and she could be in crazy shape. I’ve been running since June, it’s not a competition against her! Same goes for people who look overweight (I don’t know if they’ve recently lost 200 pounds thanks to running). Also, this is a run to benefit Newton Special Athletes. I can’t think I’m in better shape than anyone with any special needs!

I’m there for myself. Period! These are my goals in order:

  1. Finish
  2. Run the entire time (no walking!)
  3. Finish in less than 35 minutes

Notice – I’m not trying to beat ANYONE! The only person I’m trying to beat is my lazy self – as mentioned in that fun quote above.

I also created a new iTunes playlist for the race tomorrow. My typical list was starting to lose its motivational power, so I kept the songs that I’m still loving and put in a few new ones:

As you can see, I’m a huge fan of Journey. I really find their lyrics helpful for keeping me going. Here are some of the other things that I’ll be chanting to myself tomorrow (in addition to the quote above):

Be good to yourself when nobody else will!

I don’t mean to say that no one else in my life is good to me, but what I do mean is that no one else is going to treat my body right, no one else is going to go running for me. If I don’t get myself off the couch, no one else can stop me from turning to jelly – so I need to be good to myself!

Anyway you want it that’s the way you need it, any way you want it!

This song was the impetus for my running mantra and I always mentally chant it along to the song. If I’m in the gym alone, I chant it out loud, and if I’m struggling tomorrow, I’m going to start belting it out on the course, I don’t care! My mantra is this: I want to be thin, I want to be fit, and I want a healthy heart. If you see me running tomorrow, feel free to remind me of that if it looks like I’m struggling!

I also like that this song chants “Hold on, hooo-ooo-old on!

Don’t be jealous of my boogie!

Thanks to RuPaul, tomorrow I will be thinking along with that track that I hope someone IS jealous of my boogie! That song always gets me moving a little faster!

See you on the other side!

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