Reasons to get out of bed…

First Day of School

It was particularly hard to get out of bed today for two reasons.

1) Today is the first day of class for me. (This is my second year of grad school)

I’ve done my pre-class homework. I bought my books. My bag is packed and I’m ready to go. Well… I’m a little nervous because I don’t know anything about this professor. I hope she’s not as intimidating as her syllabus makes her seem. Additionally, I’m super excited to go so that I can see a bunch of really awesome people tonight.

To be honest, I partially started writing this blog because I was so inspired and motivated by my classmates (from a class I was taking June). The people in that class were so open, emotionally giving, and inspiring. Being around them was fascinating. Even though I was constantly tired and people around me were asking “why are you in class, shouldn’t you be on summer break?” I simply loved going to class. It was the highlight of week. I very much hope this class feels that way too. That class required us to me more open with ourselves and our past as well as handing that over to the class. I’m thinking this semester will be much more academic. I’m ok with that, just as long as I still feel enriched by the end of the night.

Here’s hoping!

2) My body was aching!

Yesterday, I went with my boyfriend to his grandmother’s 90th birthday!

She’s a complete doll, super sweet, and totally on the ball. I adore her. It was an entire family gathering. The day was a lot of fun. At one point, a bunch of us adults ended up running around the front yard, giving the 5 kids piggy back rides (ages 9, 5, 3, 2, 2). Just running/spinning around, making noise, and pretending to run at each other. The kids started calling it bumper cars… although I have no idea why. Luckily, no one got hurt! It was a lot of silliness and kept the kids busy while the adults were taking pictures. Luckily, they weren’t taking video… no one will be able to hear the crazy background noise in the photos!

Overall, this game probably lasted about 30 minutes, but by the end of it, I had certainly worked up a sweat! My “driver” was my boyfriend’s 5-year-old nephew. He certainly wasn’t heavy at the time, and he was totally easy to give a piggy back ride to because he’s old enough to hold on. But man, my back, neck, and legs were on fire this morning from that unconventional work out!



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