Reasons to get out of bed…

Feeling Proud!

Thanks to the long, Labor Day weekend and a few days off, I ran the farthest that I’ve ever run!

I’m very excited about this. Last weekend, I ran 8 miles straight! (ok… I walked .2 of a mile while drinking water. I’m not counting it in the distance, but am confessing the bit of a break.) I know for many runners, 8 miles is nothing. However, I was struggling to finish one mile without walking back in June, so I’m pumped about this!

Including my warm-up, cool-down, and that water break, the total distance was 9.5 miles!

I’m still not a very fast runner, but I’ll take distance. And I have to admit that after running all summer, it was pretty sweet to be running in something easier than 85 degrees and 90% humidity.

I told a friend about my run and her response was “why?! Are you trying to run a marathon?!” No, I’m not. But I’ve started running in a different direction from my house and I just kept going instead of turning around where I normally do. And… well… I just kept running. I’m psyched that I was able to just keep pushing myself to continue on… which is also a nice metaphor for my crazy, packed life.

Of course, the slightly compulsive side of me is wondering how to make that a nice even 10 miles. Although, in reality, my actual next goal is to become a slightly faster runner.

Comments on: "Feeling Proud!" (2)

  1. I am so impressed that you’re up to 8 miles and you just started in June! As someone who currently can’t run even half of a mile without walking (and being sore as hell for three days following) 8 miles seems like a really long run!

  2. Thanks, Ellen! I bet you could run half a mile, it’s actually not as long as you’d think… Plus, your legs muscles are murderous! 🙂

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