Reasons to get out of bed…

Farewell Pedometer

That’s right, I’ve stopped using my pedometer.

I had been starting to lose faith in it.

I first started to doubt it because told me that my typical loop was 4.5 miles, the pedometer told me that my typical loop was only around 3. That seems like a huge difference. Then one day, I went for a longer run. It told me that I had done about 6.5 miles. For just one leg (the new area where I had never gone before), my pedometer said I had gone 1.67 miles. However, last week, I clocked 2/3 of  that leg while driving on the closest parallel street, and just that 2/3 was over 2 miles.

Plus, there was the falling. First, it had come unclipped and fell to the ground while I was running one day. Second, it had fallen off while getting out of the car, hit the driveway and rolled under a tire. Third, it fell off when I walked into my boss’s office one day. Just poof, on the ground for no reason. I think all of the falling was really getting to it.

It told me one day last week that I had only walked about 2700 steps. That was a full day at work and I had gone to the grocery store (a place where I do a lot of walking). 2700 steps is worse than one of my average sedentary days. I refuse to believe it.

Finally, I tested it again. I walked from the elevator in my building to my cube. It’s a nice, straight path. I counted 97 steps. My pedometer counted 86. So roughly for every 100 steps I take, my pedometer doesn’t count 10 of them. 10% seems like a significant loss to me. And that’s on a straight, easy path. What was it losing if I had to move around people or objects?

Not my actual office... but it's the same general idea

I’m pretty bummed about it. I liked having something to motivate me to go a little further everyday and hold me accountable. Plus, I never got to find out how many steps I walk on nights I have class because I did this over summer break. 

What do you think, should I try getting another one (perhaps a different type) or just push myself without an aide?


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