Reasons to get out of bed…

No Excuses!

I’m sorry for having gone dark for so many days. I’ve been feeling cranky and down for a few days now. I’m working to get out of that funk. So in order to help myself, let me outline for you what I have been able to do since my last post. Maybe if I can celebrate those small victories, I can stop thinking about how I haven’t:

  • gone running
  • gotten anything done on my “to do” list
  • been the best friend to some people
  • taken and enjoyed enough vacation days this summer (I took a total of 5 vacation days June-August,  plus 1 was for a friend’s wedding (rehearsal) and one was so that I wouldn’t work 20 days in a row if you count 8 hour classes on Saturday and Sundays as working… which I am – so really, none of these were fun, relaxing days at the beach… I actually haven’t gone to the beach all summer).

So to stop the whining: what I HAVE done since my last post:

  • Gone camping (I’m not a big fan of sleeping outside, but I am a fan of the people who wanted me to go)
  • Went to the company softball game  and went out for celebratory pizza with them (and was dubbed the “Superest Fan” because I’m the fan who went to the most games!)

  • Went out (on a different night) for drinks with (different) coworkers
  • Released a whole bunch of database changes at work (while it was stressful to me, the staff seems to like the changes… so it’s a win!)
  • Trained the staff of said changes, and those meetings were almost flawless! (aka no crying!)

What do you do to get yourself out of a funk? How do you avoid beating yourself up for silly things?


Comments on: "No Excuses!" (1)

  1. I am so not the person to comment on getting out of a funk.

    However, you have inspired to get my sorry ass back in shape. I hate running, so I bought a bike instead. I can now ride 6 miles at one time. Yeah! So, keep up the good work…..and email me.

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