Reasons to get out of bed…

Despite having wavering feelings last night between social and lazy, social won out and I went to the company softball game. I have never been athletic, so I didn’t go for the softball, I went for the pizza and beer afterwards.

Ok... this is a few weeks ago, so there are a few different people and it's at a different place. but you get the idea

And just to make sure no one would try to get me to play (and show off my complete lack of athletic ability), I wore these to the game:

What got me there? What got rid of those lazy feelings? Well… I had told a few people during the day that I was thinking of going. At the end of the work day, a few sent me messages like: “We’re heading over, see you there!” … and I was guilted in! Other people held me accountable. I’m glad I went. It was fun and I’m finally getting to know more of the team (aka my co-workers), so that’s really good!

Plus, one of the players wrote a book! So exciting! It sounds really good too so I got a copy and now I can add it to the tower of books sitting next to my bed, waiting to be read (which I do actually read, but I get so excited about books that I always have a pile ready and waiting.)

All in all, it was a productive night and I’m glad I went. AND, I was home early enough that it wasn’t too much of a struggle to wake up this morning. In fact, I was gently woken up this morning by this song playing on my radio alarm:


Thank you, Monkees, for starting my day off today on the right foot!

Comments on: "Other People are Often My Best Motivators" (1)

  1. Perfect song for waking up! Way to go radio!

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