Reasons to get out of bed…

Trying to Boost Myself Up

I’m feeling generally down on myself today.

I didn’t go running all weekend (because of social time, cleaning, and a lovely date with my boyfriend – all good things, I know). I didn’t go running today either because it’s cold and raining (and I’m a lousy weather wuss).


Today I’ve been contemplating if I want to audtion for a play tomorrow. Here’s the main question: Do I want to add something else to my plate this year? If I were to be cast in the play, I would most likely be out of the house 5 nights a week. I’m not sure how I feel about that. There are a ton of reasons pro and con running through my head right now and I don’t know which will win. I’ll let you know later in the week.

It was a pretty lame day, I’ll I’ve got for you is my pedometer reading for the week:

  • Tuesday4234, 1.73 miles, 104
  • Wednesday: 5586, 2.29 miles, 1.27
  • Thursday: 8332, 3.41 miles, 206 kcal (worked from home, so this was only my run at night)
  • Friday: 3236, 1.32 miles, 75 kcal
  • Saturday: 1402, .54 miles, 32 kcal (didn’t wear it during the day while cleaning or while at the grocery store… so this was only a trip to the movie theater)
  • Sunday: 1561, .64 miles, 26 kcal (this was only while doing the dishes, I took it off for the barbeque)
  • Today: 2729 steps, 1.11 miles, 65 kcal (wow, this is pretty sad for a week day)

Wow, even that’s pretty lame!

Hopefully tomorrow will be better!



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