Reasons to get out of bed…

My calendar is bumming me out this week. I KNOW tomorrow will be a struggle to get out of bed, and here’s why:

Counting my lunch that’s 2.5 hours of free time tomorrow… and 4 hours of back to back meetings. Ugh, not fun. (I redacted co-workers names… because I feel bad about publicizing them without their knowledge). What will make it worse? I’m going to the company softball game tonight in my constant effort to be more social. It’s a beer league…

What’s really my motivation to get through tomorrow? Friday!

I’m not usually one of those “is it the weekend, yet?!” type of people, but I’m feeling that way this week. I’m very excited to take a little time off and relax. Of course, by “relax” I mean “tackle other items from my to do list and cram in as many activities as I can,” but that’s kind of relaxing for me. At least there should be some mini golf involved!

hopefully, that will be me in the picture next week, when I post about how awesome my weekend was


Comments on: "Push Through the Calendar" (1)

  1. My calendar in college used to look like that, but then I was taking loads of fun courses, not sitting in meetings. Uhg indeed. Hope you’re having a good day off!

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