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A Good Night Out

Last night was fabulous! I spent it with my best friends (including my boyfriend) checking out an Indian restaurant. The food was delicious and the place was adorable!

This is what we shared between the 5 of us (I wish I had pictures):

  • Papadum (one of my personal addictions, these were a little greasy, but otherwise good)
  • Paneer Pakoras
  • Vegetable Samosas
  • Plain naan
  • Peshwari naan
  • Aaloo Gobi
  • Vegetable Khorma
  • Chicken Tikka Masala
  • And something very spicy that I didn’t eat because it had chicken, looking over the menu, I’m guessing it was Achar Chicken
  • And I had a Mango Lassi

I LOVE Indian food! Mainly because, as a vegetarian, I have tons of choices and they are all flavorful! No plain, steamed veggies here! It was delicious and the place was fabulous! I will absolutely being going again! I’ll just need to find more companions. Two of my co-diners last night (one of my best friends and her husband) are moving half-way across the country this weekend.

I will miss them terribly! But the upside is that I can test out other restaurants in another city when I visit them.

However, the radio helped wake me up again this morning by playing this:

Yep, that got me going for the day to get out of bed and head to work!

Farewell Pedometer

That’s right, I’ve stopped using my pedometer.

I had been starting to lose faith in it.

I first started to doubt it because told me that my typical loop was 4.5 miles, the pedometer told me that my typical loop was only around 3. That seems like a huge difference. Then one day, I went for a longer run. It told me that I had done about 6.5 miles. For just one leg (the new area where I had never gone before), my pedometer said I had gone 1.67 miles. However, last week, I clocked 2/3 of  that leg while driving on the closest parallel street, and just that 2/3 was over 2 miles.

Plus, there was the falling. First, it had come unclipped and fell to the ground while I was running one day. Second, it had fallen off while getting out of the car, hit the driveway and rolled under a tire. Third, it fell off when I walked into my boss’s office one day. Just poof, on the ground for no reason. I think all of the falling was really getting to it.

It told me one day last week that I had only walked about 2700 steps. That was a full day at work and I had gone to the grocery store (a place where I do a lot of walking). 2700 steps is worse than one of my average sedentary days. I refuse to believe it.

Finally, I tested it again. I walked from the elevator in my building to my cube. It’s a nice, straight path. I counted 97 steps. My pedometer counted 86. So roughly for every 100 steps I take, my pedometer doesn’t count 10 of them. 10% seems like a significant loss to me. And that’s on a straight, easy path. What was it losing if I had to move around people or objects?

Not my actual office... but it's the same general idea

I’m pretty bummed about it. I liked having something to motivate me to go a little further everyday and hold me accountable. Plus, I never got to find out how many steps I walk on nights I have class because I did this over summer break. 

What do you think, should I try getting another one (perhaps a different type) or just push myself without an aide?

No Excuses!

I’m sorry for having gone dark for so many days. I’ve been feeling cranky and down for a few days now. I’m working to get out of that funk. So in order to help myself, let me outline for you what I have been able to do since my last post. Maybe if I can celebrate those small victories, I can stop thinking about how I haven’t:

  • gone running
  • gotten anything done on my “to do” list
  • been the best friend to some people
  • taken and enjoyed enough vacation days this summer (I took a total of 5 vacation days June-August,  plus 1 was for a friend’s wedding (rehearsal) and one was so that I wouldn’t work 20 days in a row if you count 8 hour classes on Saturday and Sundays as working… which I am – so really, none of these were fun, relaxing days at the beach… I actually haven’t gone to the beach all summer).

So to stop the whining: what I HAVE done since my last post:

  • Gone camping (I’m not a big fan of sleeping outside, but I am a fan of the people who wanted me to go)
  • Went to the company softball game  and went out for celebratory pizza with them (and was dubbed the “Superest Fan” because I’m the fan who went to the most games!)

  • Went out (on a different night) for drinks with (different) coworkers
  • Released a whole bunch of database changes at work (while it was stressful to me, the staff seems to like the changes… so it’s a win!)
  • Trained the staff of said changes, and those meetings were almost flawless! (aka no crying!)

What do you do to get yourself out of a funk? How do you avoid beating yourself up for silly things?

Other People are Often My Best Motivators

Despite having wavering feelings last night between social and lazy, social won out and I went to the company softball game. I have never been athletic, so I didn’t go for the softball, I went for the pizza and beer afterwards.

Ok... this is a few weeks ago, so there are a few different people and it's at a different place. but you get the idea

And just to make sure no one would try to get me to play (and show off my complete lack of athletic ability), I wore these to the game:

What got me there? What got rid of those lazy feelings? Well… I had told a few people during the day that I was thinking of going. At the end of the work day, a few sent me messages like: “We’re heading over, see you there!” … and I was guilted in! Other people held me accountable. I’m glad I went. It was fun and I’m finally getting to know more of the team (aka my co-workers), so that’s really good!

Plus, one of the players wrote a book! So exciting! It sounds really good too so I got a copy and now I can add it to the tower of books sitting next to my bed, waiting to be read (which I do actually read, but I get so excited about books that I always have a pile ready and waiting.)

All in all, it was a productive night and I’m glad I went. AND, I was home early enough that it wasn’t too much of a struggle to wake up this morning. In fact, I was gently woken up this morning by this song playing on my radio alarm:


Thank you, Monkees, for starting my day off today on the right foot!

Sometimes I Need a Good Push!

I ended up deciding to audition last night, perhaps against my better judgement. Here is what I was thinking: I miss acting (even though I’m not very good at it). I know that it will be something more piled on my plate and I’ll be more stressed out. But I was also thinking about how it’s not really my choice if I’m in the play or not; all I can do is audition, the director has to want me in the play. I was really honest on my audition form that I have time restraints and can’t commit to as much time as everyone else. If the director is still willing to work around that, I’m sure I would have fun in the play.

Plus, being in a play is similar to working out… right?

From a strictly mathematical point (because despite being a lover of the arts, I really have a dominant mathematical/logical side… by day, I’m a database administrator for goodness sakes, my day job is all about the analytics) I have a 50% chance of even being cast. There are six female roles in this play, nine women auditioned last night and three women have appointments to audition today. That’s 12 women for 6 parts, a 50% chance. 

However, one of the best parts of auditioning for this community group is the community! Of course we simply had to go out for drinks and appetizers. It was a lot of fun! I really miss these women. However, I didn’t crawl into bed until 12:15 am… and of course I made a poor choice to read at that point… until 12:50 am.

This morning was a STRUGGLE to get out of bed! What motivated me? This mantra: I am a non-functioning human being. I am a non-functioning human being? Am I a non-functioning human being?

Now, my self-esteem is not actually that low (if it were, I wouldn’t be able to get out of bed!). But I do know that I’m motivated by guilt and a little self-abuse.

Needless to say, it worked, and I got out of bed and went to work!

Now tonight’s reason to not sleep is the company’s softball team (with pizza afterwards)! I’m just a fan though, so it doesn’t count as exercise.

Never Give Up!

I’m feeling a little competitive tonight, how are you feeling?

Trying to Boost Myself Up

I’m feeling generally down on myself today.

I didn’t go running all weekend (because of social time, cleaning, and a lovely date with my boyfriend – all good things, I know). I didn’t go running today either because it’s cold and raining (and I’m a lousy weather wuss).


Today I’ve been contemplating if I want to audtion for a play tomorrow. Here’s the main question: Do I want to add something else to my plate this year? If I were to be cast in the play, I would most likely be out of the house 5 nights a week. I’m not sure how I feel about that. There are a ton of reasons pro and con running through my head right now and I don’t know which will win. I’ll let you know later in the week.

It was a pretty lame day, I’ll I’ve got for you is my pedometer reading for the week:

  • Tuesday4234, 1.73 miles, 104
  • Wednesday: 5586, 2.29 miles, 1.27
  • Thursday: 8332, 3.41 miles, 206 kcal (worked from home, so this was only my run at night)
  • Friday: 3236, 1.32 miles, 75 kcal
  • Saturday: 1402, .54 miles, 32 kcal (didn’t wear it during the day while cleaning or while at the grocery store… so this was only a trip to the movie theater)
  • Sunday: 1561, .64 miles, 26 kcal (this was only while doing the dishes, I took it off for the barbeque)
  • Today: 2729 steps, 1.11 miles, 65 kcal (wow, this is pretty sad for a week day)

Wow, even that’s pretty lame!

Hopefully tomorrow will be better!


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