Reasons to get out of bed…

Had I written this yesterday, I would have had a very cheery outlook… but today, I’m feeling disappointed in myself.

Let’s start with why I was feeling cheery. On Monday, I failed to motivate myself to go running. I stopped at the grocery store after work so by the time I got home it was already after 7 and I really prefer to be home from a run before dark (more on that in another post, I promise). Plus, it was absolutely pouring and it was cold. I don’t have any rain gear (besides an umbrella). I just couldn’t convince myself to get out there. But that’s ok, because Tuesday was a much better day.

On Tuesday, I ate a little bit of cheese (because I was craving it) and a banana before I went running. Then I ran over 4 miles straight! (well… I walked when I had to check both ways to cross the street.) I realize that this might seem short to some, but this is the longest that I have ever run uninterrupted  (let’s ignore the crossing the street part please, for my self-esteem’s sake). I was so jazzed! I’m mainly excited because this was the first time that I ever felt that I actually could run 5k. I know it will take work to feel like a natural at it, but this was the start. Had I posted yesterday afternoon, that’s all you would have heard about.

Unfortunately, I ruined the moment by trying to run yesterday. I was getting fired up at work yesterday (angry and frustrated) so when a coworker asked if I wanted to run out to grab lunch with him, I decided to ignore my typical pb&j, and left the building. It felt good to vent and the burrito was delicious.  

When I got home at the end of the day, I had completely forgotten about lunch. I ate my banana and headed out. Yeah…. That burrito made me feel pretty uncomfortable. I only ran 2.25 miles (and I had to walk for .25 miles after the first 1.5 miles of running). I crossed the street to continue my run. However almost a mile into the next set of jogging, I started to worry that I was going to get sick in the woods.

I turned around and started to slowly head home. If I ran with a cell phone, I would have called my boyfriend to ask him to pick me up because I was about .75 miles from home. I didn’t get sick in the woods, and by the time I dejectedly got home, I was actually feeling better.

But my ego was bruised. I couldn’t even finish the whole trail without having to come home! I feel so lazy because of that. And to make matters worse, when my boyfriend made a comment about ordering pizza, I didn’t have the will power to turn it down. The flab on my knees isn’t going anywhere any time soon!

To make matters worse, I noticed yesterday that I have poison ivy covering both of my forearms (and I think there’s a patch starting on my chin, and cheek, and eyebrow…). I won’t be running until it goes away because I don’t want to make it worse.

I’m hoping things look up next week. But at least I can still be proud of having my best run ever this week!

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