Reasons to get out of bed…

Social and Sunburned

This weekend was all about being social!

Friday night, I convinced my boyfriend (of over 9 years) that we should leave the house and go on a date. Because I’m always busy, running around, filling all my time with tasks and events, I feel that my boyfriend is the most neglected part of my life. He would disagree, but I’m not sure if that’s just because he’s being nice. So we went to dinner and a movie.

Horrible Bosses Poster

Saturday’s main event was a family reunion… but for removed cousins. I’m not very close with anyone on that side of the family. And by that, I mean that I don’t know all of their names/have never met many of them. It was nice to hang out with the few I know though. Plus, I think it made my dad happy that I was there. So all in all, it was successful and worth the effort.

Sunday was a scavenger hunt around Boston that one of my friends created for her birthday. She did a seriously awesome job! There were 118 things to find (bring back, take a picture of, etc). We were scavenging for 4 hours and still weren’t able to find (get to) most of the things. It was a total blast and my team was awesome!

I used this website to calculate where we went: My team walked about 6.5 miles yesterday (not including going into bars and fast food restaraunts, etc… to find stuff!). I know it doesn’t count as a run, but I’m still choosing to look at it as excerise!

The only downside was that I forgot my skin was an obstacle. I’m pale… like P A L E! I’m not the fairest person that you’ll ever meet, but I’m one of the fairest. My last name actually means “fair or pale,” no joke. So of course I got a raging sunburn.

Right now, I’m about 7 or 8 shades of Irish. That’s my sarcastic scale of redness. Level 2 is a general flush, typical of feeling a little warm. Level 4 is a solid blush. Level 6 is a sunburn, but not a bad one. Level 10 is a sunburn so bad that you can’t walk, sit, lay down, have anything touch the burn, etc. I’ve been to a level 10 multiple times in my life, it’s terrible, and has taught me a valuable lesson (always have sunblock!). Sunburns with blisters get their own scale.

My love

I’m still hurting today, but I should be fine by Wednesday. Meaning, I’ll be on my way back to completely white again. I’ve never had a tan before, ever. The closest thing to a tan I’ve ever had is when my freckles are so robust, they blend together. People tell me all the time that a burn can lead into a tan, but that only works if you have enough melanin in your skin, which I apparently don’t have. I’m ok with that (as long as I remember my sunblock).

So that’s what I’m trying to motivate myself through today. I’m planning to go running tonight, but this will be the first time I will have ever run with a sunburn (outside of being a kid and just generally running around and being burned at the same time).

Wish me luck!


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