Reasons to get out of bed…

Not Really a Runner

Last night, I went for a run. Saturday was my last class for the school year (woo! summer break!), so I made an agreement with myself that I could take 2 days to rest, and then I had to be active again.  I strongly believe that Newton’s law “an object in motion will remain in motion, and an object at rest will remain at rest” also applies to people.




So I let myself rebound from classes by spending lots of time on the couch watching tv and reading books, but now it was time to get up before I became addicted to Netflix’s streaming videos. So I went for a run! Now, please know that I am not a runner, I simply go for runs. What’s the difference, you ask?



Struggling Runner


I try to stay fit, but I’m not athletic at all. In high school, I stayed fit by dancing, but again I wasn’t “a dancer.” I had no rhythm, I looked awkward, etc (picture the above, only with a leotard). Now, I feel too old to look awkward doing ballet, so I run. Here’s the problem: I know nothing about running. For example, why am I the only person running around the neighborhood with a bottle of water? But I like it. I even like the bottle of water because 1) I like the hydration and 2) it’s a makeshift little weight. Even though it’s stupid hot and humid outside, I’m actually happy running out there. I have never before been someone who runs outdoors in the summer. However, I am lucky enough to live one block away from the Charles River Walking Path. It’s so beautiful! I know that when I move someday, that will be what I miss most about the area. I’ll try to take pictures next time to show you how awesome it is. (Although if you live near a river with some trees, you probably already understand. But I love the feel when everything around it is city.)

So the view is definitely motivating me to get out there.  Have I been motivated by weight loss? No. I’ve only gone out once or twice per week in the past month (so that’s about 7 or 8 times so far). I haven’t even lost half a pound yet. That may also have something to do with the fact that I’ve had at least 7 or 8 or these in the last month:


I’ve never been a very competitive person socially, but I really like competing with myself. So everyday I get out there, I try to push myself to run just a little bit farther. So far, in terms of results, I feel a little less old (stiff) when I come inside, and I think I look a little “less bad” while running… I’m not looking like a runner yet, but I don’t think everyone I run past is worried that I’ll faint on them anymore.

Image Detail


So to recap, my motivation to get outside:

1) Avoid addiction to Netflix    

2) Enjoy the scenery

3) Beat what I could do yesterday

And… really… I’d like for my knees to be a little less flabby.

Those are my reasons for getting out there. What gets you going? Do you have any advice for a beginning runner… correction: someone who is just starting to run?


Comments on: "Not Really a Runner" (9)

  1. Do you ever want to do a race? Or do you just want to race yourself?

    • I’m hoping to run in the Race to Home Base next May. It’s a 9k to benefit war veterans, and the finish line is home plate at Fenway Park. I imagine that I should also prep with a 5k at some point, I just haven’t thought that far yet. I’ve heard that there is a 5k that ends on the field in Patriot’s Place… so that would also be fun… but I don’t know much about it. Apparently, I have a sports theme going on!

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