Reasons to get out of bed…

What motivated me to get out of bed this morning? I had about 7 hours of training classes to lead today at work.

What made me want to stay in bed this morning? Those 7 hours of training classes!

Yes, I got out of bed. But why was I nervous? I’m not nervous about public speaking; in fact, I’m working towards becoming a college professor someday. These classes (5 classes in all) were the wrap up to a week of training. They were just an informal Q & A. I couldn’t prepare, I couldn’t move us in a direction. I was at the whim of the group and I had to really know my stuff! Or they would see my weaknesses.

Of course I got out of bed and went to work. Why?

1) Because I hate letting people down

2) I would have to run the classes eventually

3) I would have been mad at myself for not fulfilling an obligation (and using a paid sick day for no good reason!)

I went to work and the trainings were just fine (even if I missed my desk). 

Was it an exhausting, meeting-filled day?

Did my attendance remind people that I’m a helpful, information-filled coworker who should remain employed?

How do you deal with days that are swamped with meetings or where your day does not belong to you?


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